Rob Hayden
  • Dancer for the 35th anniversary performance 'Scattered Memories' choreographed by Wim Vandekeybus / ULTIMA VEZ (Belgium)

2016 - 17
  • Dancer / Actor for the revival tour of ‘In Spite of Wishing and Wanting’ choreographed by Wim Vandekeybus / ULTIMA VEZ (Belgium)

2014 - 15
  • Dancer for revival tour of ‘What the Body Does Not Remember’ choreographed by Wim Vandekeybus / ULTIMA VEZ (Belgium)
  • Performer / Actor / Collaborator for Virtual Reality film production of ‘Whist’ Artistic Directors Esteban Fourmi & Aoi Nakamura (AΦE)

  • Project leader / Movement Assistant for 2-year theatre project ‘Dynamika Metamorfozy’ hosted by the Grotowski Institute and directed by Pavel Passini (Poland)
  • Composer for production of ‘CHROMA PROJECT - VIOLETA' choreographed by Vivian Cruz (Mexico)
  • Residency at Centre La Breche in Cherbourg, France with Iona Kewney (Scotland)

  • Sound composer for performance ‘Requiem for a Dying Planet’ choreographed by Joost Vrouenraets (Holland)
  • Dancer / Collaborator for performance ‘The Family’ choreographed by Julio Iglesias (Germany)
  • Dancer for performance ‘NieuwZwart’ choreographed by Wim Vandekeybus / ULTIMA VEZ (Belgium)
  • Composer for performances ‘The Outcast’ and ‘Sensing Woods’ choreographed by Chris De Feyter/DOGWOLF (Belgium)
Artistic Experience
What is the ‘sound signature’ of a human being, or of the space in which he/she interacts with?
How can we both sing and be sung at the same time?

For the past 7 years, Rob has been composing sound and music for theatre, dance and film in collaboration with a number of different people throughout Europe, Mexico, and the U.S. His work explores the subtle possibilities that natural acoustics and audio technology possess, particularly with respect to the relationships between body and voice, sound and frequency.

His approach towards sound and composition, whether for the stage or for the screen, attempts to reveal and embody the viscera of human interactions and perhaps give light to the so-called ‘hidden’ action inherent in various mediums.

Recent include:

‘Début-In Memory of Coming’ created and performed with Mala Kline (2007, Slovenia)
‘Blood, Snakes, & Tongues’Solo creation created, composed and performed (2009, Slovenia)
‘Raw’ choreographed by Ricardo Ambrozio (2010, Portugal)
‘Incarnative Crash’ and ‘The Outcast’ live music performed with choreographer Chris De Feyter/DOGWOLF (2011, Belgium)
‘David’ composer and performer with choreographer Ayelen Parolin (2011, Belgium)
‘Ela(s)’ composed sound/music for short film directed by Ricardo Ambrozio/UNTAMED PRODUCTIONS (2012, Belgium)
‘Violeta’ live and composed sound/music for dance performance created with Vivian Cruz and Lieve Meussen (2013, Mexico)
Compositional Experience

  • Since 2005 has conducted his own workshops, The Awakened Body, while continuing to give regular Ultima Vez workshops in major cities across in Europe, Asia, North and South America, India, and Africa.
Teaching Experience
  • ‘Oratorium Dance Project’ – Winner for Best Cultural Event in Poland for 2011 and the Golden Mask Award for Theatre