The Awakened Body
A dynamic and lucid state of intentional surrender. By ‘awakening’ our senses to the endless river of images within the body, they reveal a never-ending source of in-formation and experience within each creative act.

This comprehensive and multi-layered practice functions as a vehicle, leading us toward a greater awareness of the dynamic relationship between impulse and action. A key function of this work is to gain clarity of intent and organicity of movement in both form and content. Instinct and intuition will play a vital role, revealing just where it is we are ‘asleep’ in our action. The creative act becomes the vehicle, awakening an experience of deeper connection and presence within.

Through guided movement and theatrical exercises, the process begins to find greater clarity and precision. As the work moves from the initial development and clarification of one’s artistic language, the resulting task of composing within a structure becomes necessary.

This workshop is open to all actors, dancers, and performers.